Big Toast

This life is not all about happiness, in fact It is proved that nowadays people is less happy than our parents despite to have PlayStation, DVD, flat screen, internet, Facebook, Twiter, olives with pickles, colour candys, a lot of police, Bolonia system and a long etc. We spend plenty of time sitting on the couch watching lifes of other people and we don’t know even our brother. It is difucult to see a open doors and smiles in the morning… In the end It is better if we go slowly cos “What a BIG TOUST*!!”

*Big Toust: Tipical spanish expresion that means that something is too boring. For example: If your are in a conference and it is too boring you can said “What a big toust!” or if you have a very fat philosophic book that only ten people in the word can understand it and you want to try to read it maybe it is going to be a “BIG TOUST!!”





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