Good morning!

When we had this idea, we were in some pacific island asking for help becouse some big monster with a coconut head was chaseing us with a keyboard full of wasps. If we wanted to avoid him we still had the chance to make the omelette dance and… PI PI PI PI PI PI PI PI PI PI PI PI ¡¡ZASSH!! ¡¡PUMM!!

Shit! The fucking alarm clock but Is there any better way than waking up with a good energetic good morning mood? Have a nice day dude!!

This time we spend giving motivation messages and wishing good morning to the commuters who very early fill the Madrid underground carriages. The objective is to create situations which will enable us to transmit a healthy energy to everybody else.

We needed to know which reactions we provoked, what experience does that challenge brings to us and above all improve our methods to reach people. Actually it is hard to draw a clear conclusion, but in whoever enjoyed taking part we saw on his face happiness, we saw ourselves as a part of a magical gift, a brief explosive explosion of sweet flavor in an inmense salty ocean. A singular bond was created among all those carriage users, we created a special atmosphere, not far from normality, very natural and everyday and that was the key which allowed us to be accepted among the crowd of grey attitudes. We will carry on working!

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