Have you ever seen a Bacon?

Elenigmadelafruta in collaboration with citys of Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao presents “Have you ever seen a Bacon?”. “Art is a joke,” “this is not art” how many people who said this phrase have ever wondered which is art? That is what we were wondering. Is it because the education they have given us? Is it a matter of taste? Question of knowledge?

Francis Bacon, English artist of the mid-twentieth century is perfect to make this stupid simil and try to put the finger on the issue of the true value of art and its usefulness today. Is it simply a trade like any other? Do we eat art as who eats a sandwich and after shit? Is it useful? We do not know and we are trying to find any answer. A simple and complex work at the same time, stupid and smart, fit all types of reasoning, we do not claim any such right and that’s interesting. Everyone has seen a bacon in your life. Some have seen two types of bacons and other texts have read even bacon.

We are tired of boring art for intellectuals with whom we are not identified, everyone thinks it’s important or good by being in a museum but in the end, most will not reach anything about this matter. We try to answer through our experience that reality about elitist art, art for the few. It is admittedly difficult, is there something universal? It seems that not, but to believe it before we have to check with our experience. A purely formal art bores us, a purely conceptual art bore us even more but when there is a balance between the two is full orgasm and if either party has not been satisfied at least laughed at us for a while, that time is we call art.

So now you can go to your fridge, take a Original Bacon, prepare a sandwich, read a joke somewhere and enjoy your artistic meal with a big smile!

Elenigmadelafruta invites you to contribute to the cause by putting available to you a Bacon original, to hang it in your living room to stick it where you want or to wipe your ass with it. A Bacon worth millions of smiles totally yours. We also left the project dossier.

Thank you so much for our friend, Eva Gutierrez.


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