Pillow Fight


 How to start an exhibition with the better attitude?

We initiated the Miles/Km event with an action wich provoke them to visit the exposition sweaty, with high adrenaline, living physically the first contact with the audience, with heart beating!

Readys to enjoy in the best way an exhibition.


Don’t be polite, be yourself!

Collaborative action with Will Slater, Miles/Km Londres 2012. Bussey Building.


Here, one of a lot of feedbacks after the action:

“Pillow fighting was pure grace. All these poetic movements in slow motion since no one really wanted to hurt anyone, but just wake him/her up a bit or surprise them for a second, as long as the hit from the pillow lasted. Arms moving in space with the expertise of a samurai, slaps on the face in the most innocent and playful way, food and headphones scattered on the floor and the crowd exclaiming a “OOOOOH” as if a football player had missed a goal. Fun Fun Fun to watch and play…”

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