Play is free

We invite everyone to jump, laugh, sweat, fall… We love the horizontality that gives us a game like this, everyone is the same when we play, we are game, we are live.

Playing for free is our alternative to make people return to their childhood in the street. Playing is free and we must do it even more in this crisis times. Where are the kids playing spontaneous games in the street? Or playing with their tops? Have we replaced the warmth of the physical play and the street for TVs and displays? Fly back to relive the feelings of childhood. Boys and girls, men and women, olds and youngs! Fell free to play! Sign up! If we are more people, we laugh even more!

It’s in the game and only in the game when child or adult as individuals are able to be creative and use your total personality and only when the individual is creative he is be able to discovering himself
Autor - Donald Winncott


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